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Different face with different smile
making special smile and cheer!
Miracle Atelier Company Ltd is committed to the entertainment industry , with over a decade of experience, we hope our VIP customers can have an experience with a difference . We had planned an entertainment for the different companies and commodity promotion, our magic show mainly entertainment -oriented , people to meet in a relaxed mood in magical moments ; magicial trick we did in beauty products as well as winning the award presentation ceremony and product launch to introduce computer products in magic.We also use Chinese Traditional Face Change to present credit card debt write-off. Allows users to feel flash and miracle . In the balloon project, we are international awards in Hong Kong team , won the championship in Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and the United States , and in 2011 World Championship runner-up .
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Looking for a entertainer in kids birthday party?
We are ready the magic, games, balloon and more for you

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Awarded Balloon Team

we are international awards in Hong Kong team, provide the best and professional balloon art in yourevent.

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Miracle Moment
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Making Balloon
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